TV Personality

TV Broadcaster, Host, Presenter and Voice Talent

Brian has been an international TV broadcaster and personality for over a decade and has made appearances on the BBC and ITV (UK), also on Alpha TV in Greece, and RTL TV in both Germany and Holland.

Most recently as a broadcaster, Brian has host-presented a pilot promo for the new Charles Dickens feature movie (in which he’ll also play a major character role);  and in a major new TV documentary about the hitherto unknown origins of the United States: ‘Robert Browne, The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation.’

Robert Browne

The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation

As a broadcaster, in 2013 Brian host-presented the hour-long TV special about the origins of the United States as a nation; Robert Browne; The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation.  Brian was also the co-producer, director and the director of cinematography (D.O.P.); the TV documentary will be released for broadcast in the fall of 2014.

See the full documentary

Charles Dickens’ 200th Anniversary

In 2011, Brian presented the pilot TV show to commemorate Charles Dickens’ 200th anniversary. The same production company are planning to make a new feature film about Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol and Brian has been offered a significant role.

Agents of Change

In 2011, Brian presented the pilot TV show; Agents of Change which documents those affecting positive change for the people of 3rd world countries in Africa.  This is planned to become a TV series.

Techno Coatings aircraft industry Orlando Fashion Show

In 2012 Brian hosted and read, live-on-stage, the story narrative for one of the Orlando Fashion Week charity events.


The videos to the left are short excerpts from ‘The Ruff Guide to Athens’ in which Brian explored the more unusual side of this historic city, it’s history, culture and nightlife.

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