Mental Martial Arts Seminars

The Secrets for Success in Life, Love and Business

The Secrets for Success in Life, Love and Business

Brian started practicing martial arts at the age of 12 and currently holds 4 Black Belts, is a World Karate and Kickboxing Council national, international and World class referee and team coach, as well as being the recipient of the prestigious World Karate and Kickboxing Council’s life time achievement award.

This lifetime of experience and knowledge of the physical martial arts enabled Brian to transcend the traditional concepts, and create his own unique system of Mental Martial Arts as a business and life training system, popular with corporate clients for their conferences, seminars and events.


Brian Sterling-Vete’s Mental Martial Arts uses the tactics and principles of the physical martial arts to guide, channel and redirect the attacking energy of others; it also uses martial arts strategies to gain the advantage in life and business

“The principles of Brian Sterling Vete’s Mental Martial Arts really do make it possible for a ‘David’ to really beat a ‘Goliath.’  For individuals to be able to defeat the institutions, for executives to speed-launch their career and for smaller companies to defeat larger, more powerful organizations.”

Peter Harris & Robert Beale, Journalists: Manchester Evening News & Daily Mail (UK)

“The results generated by Brian Sterling-Vete’s Mental Martial Arts are truly extraordinary; they are so powerful that they were the critical factor in achieving a new Guinness World Record at the European Launch event for Eli Lilly’s Cymbalta Medication!”

Paul Andrew, C.E.O Punchline Media and Events – Event Producers for Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals


  • Media Mental Martial Arts – Learn how to defend yourself and protect your organization against a hostile media
  • Media Mental Martial Arts – Polish your live presentation, public speaking and media appearance skills so you always look and sound professional and polished
  • Brian Sterling-Vete’s Mental Martial Arts Mind-set – Simple techniques for success which can reprogram your mind to beat negativity
  • ‘Corporate Kung Fu Conflict Management’ – Help you to handle difficult people with ease
  • Redefine The Rules of Winning and Losing – This success concept is simple, but incredibly important for your success
  • Custom seminars can be designed to meet your specific requirements


Brian Sterling-Vete – British author, BBC TV News veteran and motivational speaker & coach, will show you simple and highly effective ways to improve and polish your public speaking, communication, and media presentation skills.

With his charming British accent, extensive vocabulary and use of the English language, cheeky humor and quick wit, Brian draws from his extensive professional experience to bring his own unique and fresh approach to coaching as he helps you to deliver your message confidently and with maximum impact.

A professional martial arts instructor and lifetime achievement award-winner, Brian’s latest book Mental Martial Arts, explains the new and unique system he has developed which uses the same tactics and principles of the physical martial arts. Using these techniques it is possible to guide, channel and redirect the energy of others, and in doing so to help you gain the advantage to present yourself and your organization in a positive light, even in crisis situations.

Alongside Education leaders, Brian’s unique system also has a proven track record with companies and organizations, including: Discovery Television, the University of Central Lancashire (UK) Institute of Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Advantage Telecom and Entrepreneurship and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

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