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The number 1 excuse why people don’t exercise is… TIME!

Veteran strength, fitness and bodybuilding coach Brian Sterling-Vete solved this age-old problem by inventing two revolutionary and scientifically proven exercise concepts:  ISOfitness™ and Trisometrics™.  ISOfitness™ is the system of exercise which follows the science to deliver more results, with less exercise, and in less time than any other system.

Brian teamed-up with Bikini Fitness Contest Winner Helen Renee from the United States to co-author The 70 Second Difference™ book which is a definitive work on the subject of science-based exercise, wellness, and weight control.

The 70 Second Difference™ book also includes a complete 3-level workout plan that is scientifically designed to give a basic full-body workout routine to people of all levels.  Since the ISOfitness™ exercise system harnesses your natural Adaptive Response mechanism it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced professional athlete, you still get the perfect workout every time.

Helen and Brian now deliver international seminars, coaching and consulting in these revolutionary strength, fitness and body shaping concepts to clients all over the world.  They also deliver bespoke corporate fitness and business efficiency coaching and seminars which are designed to create a happier, healthier and much more financially productive workforce.

Major articles about this were featured in the U.K. Daily Mail newspaper, the BBC and on NBC News in the U.S.A.



Brian Sterling-Vete’s Mental Martial Arts is a system of intellectual life-combat skills which uses the tactics and principles of the physical martial arts.

All interaction in life, at your place of work, in your business, and when negotiating and communicating with others; is actually an exchange of energy, power and influence.

In all interactions one party is always exerting maximum influence over the other as they attempt to gain the outcome they prefer over the weaker party; with the more powerful and persuasive usually ending as the winner.

A physical analogy would be that of a bigger, stronger and more powerful person gaining influence over a smaller, weaker person by bullying, intimidating and even by physical violence; unless the apparently ‘weaker’ person is an expert in the martial arts…

Using Brian’s unique system of Mental Martial Arts you can learn to intellectually and emotionally guide, channel and redirect the energy of others, even more powerful people and large organisations; and in doing so you achieve the outcome you desire in both life and business.

Brian’s Mental Martial Arts system contains a specific section to help those who may be forced to face the media in the event of a crisis situation occurring.

In this section, Brian combines his system of Mental Martial Arts together with the experience he gained in over a decade with BBC TV News to help you and your organisation stay ‘Media Safe.’

Brian’s system of Mental Martial Arts is available as a paperback, Amazon Kindle e-book, webinar, and in live seminar format.  Learn More


‘The Tuxedo Warrior’ was the autobiography of author, composer, movie-maker; Cliff Twemlow and the book ended at the very beginning of what has been called the ‘Golden Age of Video Cinematography’ which he inspired.

‘Tuxedo Warriors’ is the most complete behind the scenes biography of Cliff Twemlow ever written, and is also the autobiography of its author, Brian Sterling-Vete who played a central role in this unique, entertaining and true story of two extraordinary ‘Renaissance-Men’ and their adventures as guerrilla movie-makers.

Brian and Cliff traversed the globe on many previously untold adventures in the Iceland and the Arctic Circle, the Mediterranean, in North Africa and a war zone, on tramp-steamer journeys across the ocean, and on road trips across continents.

‘Tuxedo Warriors’ continues the story where the original book ends as told by Brian Sterling-Vete.  Brian is perhaps the only person who can tell the complete story from the time it all began right through until the end; with sudden and untimely death of his great friend.

Cliff’s works have now become known globally, having achieved ‘cult’ status primarily thanks to great work of Dr Chris Lee and Andy Wills in their book ‘The Lost World of CLIFF TWEMLOW: The King of Manchester Exploitation Movies.’

‘Tuxedo Warriors’ is a compelling and entertaining true story about two extraordinary characters who were pioneers during this pivotal and innovative period in the history of world cinema.

Get in Shape Fast

By Josh Simmons – Sociaverse Publishing

Brian Sterling-Vete is a Major Contributing Author to Publishers

Brian Sterling-Vete of MajorVision was a major contributing technical consultant author on the subject of exercise and diet for Sociaverse Publishing’s landmark book ‘Get in Shape Fast’ compiled by Josh Simmons.

Josh Simmons searched for, and then gathered together 10 of the top fitness experts in the United States to collaborate on producing a benchmark book to help people who want the best advice possible to help them get into shape as fast as possible.

Brian was honoured to be asked to become part of such a distinguished team of experts, all of whom he considers to be outstanding fitness coaches.


Brian contributed to the storylines for Cliff Twemlow’s movies; African Run and The Omega Connection.  Brian co-wrote, with Cliff, for the unfinished film Ring of Steel which was to star the 4 time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson.  The storyline for the film was about cage fighting many years before it became a recognised sport.


Brian started writing professionally when he began work as a film maker.  During that time he has written many voice-over scripts and storyline documents.  He has also written many instructional scripts for his fitness and martial arts videos; many of these also became training manuals.

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