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Safari, Salvage, Movies and Even More Stuff

Safari, Salvage, Movies and Even More Stuff

Growing old may be mandatory for all of us, however, growing up is not.

Sadly, some people grow old in their heart long before they physically grow old; this is definitely not the philosophy of Brian Sterling-Vete.

The term ‘stuff’ is very apt for this section because none of the items here are particularly relevant in any business sense.  However, this section does give a sense of what an individual’s personality, background and character might be; and that might be important to some…

Brian has always been an adventurer at heart; from simply making road trips across continents, climbing mountains, rolling stunt cars, being set on fire, heading North to Iceland to wrestle the 4-time World’s Strongest Man, filming for TV news in war zones, leading marine dive salvage teams or jumping out of planes and helicopters; a taste for adventure has always been in his blood.

BBC News Stories

Brian Sterling-Vete leads the Marine Salvage Dive Team to Raise the Baltic Trading Ship, Glaciere

BBC Glaciere Lift Day Liverpool

BBC Glaciere Launch Day Liverpool

BBC Glaciere Albert Dock Liverpool

Adventure Photo Gallery

Underwater filming for the BBC

Underwater filming rehearsal for the BBC in a deep pool

High rope access rehearsal for a TV commercial at Hodge Close pit in the Lake District, England

Rolling a car in rehearsal for a stunt in the movie ‘GBH

Flight training with me flying the 500mph Jet Provost trainer

My jet trainer being tugged into mooring after flight training

Being helped from the twin-trainer cockpit of the Jet Provost

Cooling down out of my flight helmet after my first aerobatic session

De-briefing with my flight instructor Captain Frank ‘Iceman’ Harrigan

Being body-slammed by the 4- time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson during an exhibition wrestling match in Reykjavik, Iceland

Ready for another African safari with camera in-hand

More car roll rehearsal for the movie ‘GBH’

The view from the water line of Liverpool Bay after fixing the final lifting strap under the ship before we lift her out of the water and onto the dockside

The Baltic Trading Ship Glaciere being slowly raised by the 200 ton crane.  it was essential to lifter her slowly as other members of the salvage team pumped out water from her hold and removed all the pig-iron ballast to prevent her breaking her back once she’d cleared the water

With the lift still in progress and the dive team’s work complete, time for a picture with my great friend and Dive Master for the lift, Stuart Hurst, who was also twice world martial arts champion with 167 fights in Thailand alone undefeated!

Another photo-op for Stuart Hurst and myself at the end of a long and stressful day.  The Baltic Trading ship Glaciere is resting safely out of the water and on the dockside so that repairs and restoration work can be started by the team from Cammell Laird shipyards, led by the Glaciere’s owner, Captain Dave Murray