About Brian

Unusual life. Extraordinary ability

About Brian

Brian Sterling-Vete is an experienced TV Broadcaster, now living in the United States, who is also recognized for his work as an Event Host/Speaker and Media Coach.

During his broadcast career, Brian has worked in virtually every aspect of the film and television industry, often on both sides of the camera which is now a common required skill when working in the media.  He also spent over decade working with BBC TV News.

His latest TV project, which he hosts and narrates, is Robert Brown: The Rebel Who Inspired A Nation, a ground-breaking documentary about the real origins of the United States as a Nation, recently transmitted on PBS.

As an internationally recognized martial arts coach and lifetime achievement award-winner, Brian was inspired to write his first book; Mental Martial Arts, which, when used in combination with Brian’s media experience, can help those in a position of leadership or with celebrity status, gain the advantage in representing themselves or their organization in a positive light, even in crisis situations.

In his early days while working as a stuntman, Brian began setting new World Records in the martial arts and later in fire stunts.  As a current Guinness World Record holder, Brian formed the Record Breakers organization which organises and produces world records and world record events worldwide.

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